Inspired by finding warmth in the furthest reaches of the North,
the AW16 collection combines cosiness and sophistication.

For AW16, FRISUR builds on last season’s foray into design objects with the addition of a beautiful and functional oil lamp, created in collaboration with product designer Pascal Hien.

The new PAUL jumper and ELLIN cardigan quite literally take inspiration from the lamp as they use the candle wick material to create an embroidered texture that run along the seams. This playful element helps to define the FRISUR aesthetic, even as the brand moves to a more sophisticated style.

Heavy knits are combined with warm merino wools. The color palette blends rich earth tones with the brand’s signature cool black styles. This contrast adds dimension and a subtle sparkle to the brand’s well-known reinvented classics.

The furry wool material featured in the REBEKKA pullover and the LUKAS Jacket adds a warm cosy element that combines loungewear with classic sportswear staples that cover and shield the body from the elements while being soft to the touch. 90’s era minimalism spoke to FRISUR this season in the creation of the FIA turtleneck dress. This fitted ribbed dress works perfectly to create a strong layered look in the winter that transitions effortlessly as a elegant standalone statement dress.

Also the BARBARA dress in black velvet reminds of the 1990’s, with a low v-neckline and thin straps. The dress is soft and comfortable, yet iconic and chic.

Produced in the EU, this high-quality collection takes inspiration from new and old in a move that is both refined and filled with warmth.



The FRISUR oil lamps are designed by Pascal Hien and hand blown by an Italian glass blower. These one-of-a-kind pieces are made of borosilicate glass and a cotton wick.

THE LIGHT solidifies the connection between concept and product. Working with a likeminded product designer allows the brand to develop a product that inspires the collection and vise-versa.

This synergy is carried on from last season’s CARAFFA.