We will send you a confirmation of your order and our bank details by email. Make sure you include the order number in your transfer information. After the amount has been transferred to our bank account, the goods will be shipped. Your order will arrive within 2-5 working days after we received the money.

Please use the following bank details:
Mintstyle GbR
IBAN: DE52200300000644711723

Direct ebanking

For Direct ebanking (Sofortüberweisung) you don’t need to have an account or to register. All you need is to type in your bank identification code, your name and bank account number. To complete your transaction, you just use your PIN and TAN so that your transactions will be forwarded to our bank and we can send your package out.


Payment via PayPal is probably the easiest, fastest and most secure money transfer the internet has to offer. You can use your existing account or create a new one on Or if you don’t want to open an account you just use your credit card.

If you’ve any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.