Product Info

We try to give the best service possible. If you have any questions at all regarding a garment or need help with sizing, please contact us via mail and we will try and respond to you as quickly as possible.


Many of our products are produced in small amounts. Pieces from earlier collections usually will not be reproduced, which means they are sold only once and then never again. Altogether this means: There can be supply bottlenecks from time to time, or single pieces can be out of stock very fast without the ability that we can reorder them. We try our best, but please understand that our collection is not available like goods in a shopping center. Thank you!


Every garment has a care label with clear washing instructions. Usually this will be found on the inside seam near the bottom of the garment and we advise you check these instructions prior to washing. Please note that we are trying to use as much natural material as possible. Even though we prewash every item to avoid shrinkage, small changes in measurements are possible.