Oliva Descampe is the first of three artists Frisur have invited to collaborate on exploring the potential of this season’s conceptual object. “Untitled” is a stack of 8 notebooks which embody the minimal aesthetic of FRISUR, designed to give complete freedom to the user through their simple staple binding, quality Munken paper and the omission of a cover or page markings.

Descampe’s keen eye for composition and attention to detail results in works which initially appear minimal and stripped back, yet on closer inspection the complexity of her compositions are discovered. Layers blend seamlessly in places to the extent that you would be forgiven for mistaking them for digitally composed, printed or painted works. Her ability to combine found materials into a single image with a fresh and vibrant feel is what we fell in love with and why we asked her to leave her mark on a stack of Untitled notebooks.

Can you explain to me how you got into making art? Where did it start?

Thanks to my mother, art has always been around me. I started making collage two years ago, but art in itself was already with me since Kinder garden!

And if you look at your work today, how have things changed since the beginning?

I can see my work changing with time, every series has it’s own story and it’s shows parts of my everyday life.

So we invited you to use the “Untitled” notebooks as a part of your creative process, how was that? Could you talk us through what you’ve done in the notebooks and how that relates to your work?

The “Untitled” notebooks became a really interesting part of my creative process.

Could you talk us through what you’ve done in the notebooks and how that relates to your work?

I worked on four out of the eight notebooks, each one is a distinctly different series with a different character and expression. I decided to revisit the past, working with old materials from series I had already done and imagining them in new ways. It was really fun to research into old images that I kept and to see where I took them.

Basically, the notebooks represent the evolution of what I have been doing since I began working with collage, the last books contain works which follow a new series and chapter in my work which is decollage, they are more experimental and explore the potentials of this new technique.

Last of all, what are your favourite pieces of the collection?

I like the material and the oversized fit of the THOMAS jumper, I’d say that’s my favourite item. Also the layered KATA shirt and striped REA jumper are very nice, I like the combination of materials and graphic elements used. This collection has a lot of power, the lines and materials are well thought out which results in pieces that fit really well together. There is a nice harmony.


All featured work: Olivia Descampe. Photography and Interview by Joshua Woolford.
Lookbook and Campaign Photography by Søren Drastrup.

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